ANSI Pipe Labeling

Regulatory compliance in pipe labeling

ANSI pipe labeling

ANSI Requires Proper Pipe Labels

Hazardous materials flow through miles of pipes in most industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Just like hazardous materials in other environments, piping systems need to be properly labeled to make people aware of the hazardous materials they carry. The ANSI/ASME A13.1 program for identification of piping systems addresses this need by offering a common pipe labeling methodology for use in any facility.

Changes in A13.1-2007

The new A13.1 standard is recommended for all new installations. For facilities with existing labeled pipe installations, it is recommended that you update your old pipe labels for uniform identification. Where updating is not possible, older standards may be continued. Industrial Safety Solutions supports all versions of the A13.1 standards, and with a full lineup of pipe labeling supplies.

For optimal workplace safety, every above-ground pipe should be labeled. Highly visible or frequently accessed pipes may be the most important to label for day-to-day safety, but difficult to locate or infrequently accessed pipes should be labeled as well. Labeling pipes according to ANSI A13 helps guarantee a safe work environment.

Pipe Labeling Information